Welcome to LIE!

LIE is a series of short comics that offer a glimpse into the life of an abundance of characters either loosely associated with the comic Pierce Me, or just happen to be interesting anthros. Some we will keep coming back to, some we will only see briefly. We will also be using LIE to work on scenes that do not necessarily take place during Pierce Me's timeline, but may help 'fill in the blanks' in the world, so to speak.

What we intend to do with this particular series is experiment. Not just with coloring or art styles, but with how we can express stories in smaller and smaller packages, as well as toy with genre in a way that an extended webcomic like Pierce Me does not allow. As such, you can expect a great deal of variety.

We sincerely hope you enjoy!
-Transliterary & Sayuncle

About the project

LIE as a project only exists with the generous assistance of our donors and patrons, whom we hope are enjoying the content we create for them! Originally LIE was just a bonus for those who sat in higher tiers ($5+), but we have always intended to bring this content to the public at large. Paywalls suck, we know, and finally everyone can enjoy these little widgets and side stories that we throw in each month.
However, Between early access to the pages (over a month in advance!) and the chance to get your characters in Pierce Me OR LIE, the benefits of pitching in are obvious!

Where does LIE sit in the world?

LIE is something of a drifting, meandering setting. In other words, it exists in the same 'world' as Pierce Me, and you can expect to see the same characters out and about.
However, while Pierce Me is something of a drama, LIE is intended to breach into as many genres as we can get our grubby mitts on. So while things may be fairly 'mundane' in PM (as far as a world full for furries can be considered mundane), LIE will enter subjects like urban fantasy, horror, the gothic... leaving that mundane far behind!

Can I get involved?

Absolutely! If you'd like to try and get your character involved, getting references and information in for us to work from is available to patrons at the $20+ tier!

The Patreon can be found here!